We are not alone...

This machine has been designed through the interaction of experts and professionals of many different sectors:

This is the main reason for our results. Knowing our competitors is an element of growth for us : look at your images, enlarge them. Look at the true quality coming from editing. Look at the shadows of the object, the reflex, the easy touch. See if you can recognize the horizontal supporting plan. Observe wheter the movement generates hues or greys that bother you. Consider whether the movement is fluid or jerky.
Do I install plugins? Do I need an additional software? Does this work on all mobile devices, even those trendy ones?

Shot2Shop works on all devices and there is no need to upload any software. If you find on our website any images that are similar to the ones you would like to use, please do ask how long does it take to create a dynamic image and ask to check this “live”!

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