Shot2Shop is an idea.

A static image, even when it is a shot taken by professional photographers, allows you to look at something from a single point of view, a single frame. But what would the same object look like seen from the back?
Apple, certainly a global reference company in terms of marketing, launched itsiPodwith a similar philosophy.

Nearly all car simulators allow clients to take a look at a car by navigating inside and outside it, by changing colours, interiors and optional items. The client often wishes to interact more and save time and effort, perhaps by using his/her time in a more efficient and effective way. We have reached the objective to reduce the production costs of the dynamic image. With Shot2Shop, we tried to industrialize an otherwise costly creative activity and expand its fruition not only to the large car manufacturers or multinationals, but to anyone with a product to promote on the web!
With Shot2Shop, every single dynamic image can be instantly created, in very little time and without any need for photo editing or post production!

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