Touch me

The moment we decide to buy an object , we all have different strategies on how and what we want to see, feel and touch. Some of us prefer to see, and try to look at the object from different angles, under different lighting conditions, from far and from near. Others like to smell...have you ever noticed in a shop somebody smelling a dress or a scarf? Others need to touch, they need to experience the feeling, to take control of the object and hold it. This is how we are! All the information is processed by the brain, with different strategies, in order to finally come to the decision of buying something.

Shot2Shop works precisely in this direction, increasing the sensorial stimuli that can reach the client: Go to our homepage and picture yourself about to make the decision of purchasing any item you see in the static image only. Now try and do the same , this time as you observe and “touch” in detail the image generated by Shot2Shop! Your mind and your fingers will be fascinated with the possibility of touching the object you have chosen.

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