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ruota l'immagineUsing any device, touch the object with your hand. Swipe over it and move it as if you were holding it! Now you can see it from the back side and from any angle that you like ...anywhere you are.

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Are there any limits? Your imagination!

iPhone, iPad readyShot2Shop images are fully interactive and dynamic. They are 100% compatible with any system and device. The only limit to using them is your imagination, and you can use them within your website, for your e-commerce, during presentations and trade fair exhibitions.


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Who needs Shot2Shop?

The Shot2Shop system is useful for anybody who wishes to reach a vast audience, through a 360° introduction of their product, exploring the most cutting edge technologies.

What is Shot2Shop?

Shot2Shop is a great idea!
You can touch, look at and feel the object of your desires! An interactive, dynamic image that can be enjoyed by anyone.

The idea

We are not alone...

Navigating the web, you can easily find other companies who claim to produce a similar product. However, our clients have already experienced the difference! Please do check with us and ask specific questions on the actual operation of the program, in order to compare solutions and results.

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